Marco Sysma, born Marco Patrignani, is a singer and songwriter, he plays guitar, bass, keyboards and harmonica. He is a self-taught musician and he mixes and mastered all his songs after working with the Welsh sound engineer Matt Lawrence in some London studios.

He had studied at the Lyceum and University, Architecture for two years, then he began working marble and stones in his little laboratory and, then, he began his work as the Ceo of a little building society.

During this time he played and sang with two rock bands: The Slicks and, than, The Sysma and he published, with his 2nd band, his first album called “Here’s The Sysma” in 2010.

When his group disbanded in 2013, he took a break with professional music. He decided to come back in 2018 beginning to study as DIY music producer and sound engineer.

Marco is the real prototype  of the Indie singer-songwriter, controlling everything of his songs.

Marco’s music influences are multiple: all genres of rock, from Country to Punk, Classical Music, Pop and any songs or music composition worth listening to.

The last result of his work is the EP “Without Asking Me Nothing”, the date of the publishing is the 4th of December 2023. It contains six songs all composed by Marco. He played all instruments but not the drums on “Without Asking Me Nothing, “And I Believe In You” and “I Want You” (played by the drummer of his live band “A. Augugliaro), and the bass on “Without Asking Me Nothing” (played by the bassist of his live band R. Melons) . All songs were mixed by Marco but “Without Asking Me Nothing” was mixed with the help of Matt Lawrence.

The album will be distributed by Cd Baby everywhere.

There are not scheduled gigs or tours now, Marco Sysma will be in studio next months working on an album of 16-14 tracks.