Hello I am Marco Sysma. I was born in Rome, Italy and I lived for a period in London some years ago. I am a singer- songwriter and I play guitar, bass, keyboards and harmonica. I have learnt some mixing skills working with the sound engineer Matt Lawrence at the Metropolis, Miloco and Battersea studios.

Last December I went to a Christmas market where I found a stand selling old dvds. I remembered to have an old dvd player so I became curious about these old dvds. I was attracted by two dvds, two live perfomances. One of Kate Bush, I know her, but it was an age that I didn't hear her music  and the other one was of Toyah (was it a singer or a band?). I bought them, just a few euros.

During the New year's day, there was a lockdown, I took my old, dusted dvd player and I saw the two dvds. It was shocking, there were amazing. It's hard to find something of similar nowadays, one dated 1979 and the other one 1981. The songs beautiful and the show very full of energy.

I remembered a phrase of an old friend of mine, he has more than 1.000 cds and vinyls, a very music expert. He told me how the music of the decade 1975-85 was so exciting, while today it is so static.

He is right, today music is a little boring, so similar. I thought about my music, well I am playing and creating new songs always thinking about music market. I confess that I like my music but I am playing always the same music, a mix of rock, country, pop e punk.

I have always created new songs with a guitar but, this time I decided to use a keyboards. It was very exciting, I have made a different music. A different style. I made 12 new songs in two months. Something so different from other artists and from my previous songs too, so different that I didn't know how to define this genre of music. And the songs were so different each others too.

In this album you will find love songs, happy songs, thoughtful songs and songs that are obviously related with this covid period. Songs like The Dawn (the hope a new renaissance), Deep Image (about problems about our life and internet social sites); Nothing Is Owened To You (about how it is hard living when you lose your job), Work, Earn and Spend ( about our modern style of life).

How to call my genre of music, well I don't know. Maybe you, who are reading this note, could define this genre of my music.

If yes, you will be very kind to send me the name.

I recorded and mix all instruments of the songs (I have just called my old friend and drummer for one of them)  in two months and I will publish the album by Cd Baby the last week of May.

I had had an old film of a deserted Rome, it fits well with of my new songs. This is not the best one of this album but it was perfect for this short film. So I published the video on youtube and facebook. Comments are very good but, to my great surprise, a lot of facebook friends tell me how my voice is so similar to David Bowie. That's a strange because I am not a Bowie's fan, just two-three songs of his early days. I was very surprised of this definition. An English friend called me the Italian Bowie. Well I think that's a good comment about my voice but very surprising to me.

I called the album "Love and War" as one of the most important songs of my new album and as an old Woody Allen's film (a parody of Tolstoy's novel War and peace). I find in some of my songs the music spirit of the early years of the 19th century. A strange mix of the music of that era with rock.

I am writing these words talking about my album, very proud of it but I know that the very battle has begun. The battle to make known my songs, the hardest task to do,.

But Life is a battlefield.

Sincerely, your Marco