Marco Sysma was born in Rome, Italy, he is a singer songwriter, he plays guitar, bass, banjo, keyboards, harmonica and electric drums.

He writes, sings, records. mixes all his song in his home studio.

Marco formed his first band with the drummer Toni Augugliaro, The Slicks. They performed and recorded a mix of original music and covers, they were inspired by a lot of rock, punk, new wave artists as Sex Pistols, Siouxsie & The Banshees, Joy Division, Devo, Bob Dylan, Beatles.

In this period, Marco, dropped out University, the 2nd year of Architecture, he began to work as a marble worker in his familiar firm with his father and brother.

After some years Marco and Toni decided to form a new band with an old friend bass player, Robert Meloni. The new band was called Sysma.

The new band decided to perform only Marco's songs, not more covers. Marco began to fond of mixing and recording and they created their first promo cd of 3 songs.

After some months, they gain their first manager, it was Rayner Jesson (his most famous client was Nick Cave for 12 years).

Rayner helped them to improve their quality and skills and began to play in England but, unfortunately, he died after two years.

Marco decided to produce the first album of his band publishing their first album on 2009, a collection of 14 songs entitled "Here's The Sysma", mixed by Matt Lawrence (Grammy winner for mixing Mumford & Sons' Babel).

After 4 years the band broke up, Toni left Italy for work reason, followed by Robert.

Marco decided to begin his music carrier as a solo artist.

In 2016 he published his first solo album "We've Got The Beat". An album of 13 songs mixed by Matt Lawrence.

In 2018 he decided to began a real independent artist publishing, performing and mixing his second solo album: "Rock' n' Roll Will Never Die", a collection of 12 songs.

In the same year he published an album of 10 instrumental tracks, called "Soundscape" with his real name Marco Patrignani

In 2019 he published his third album called "Run Little Baby", an album of 11 songs where he played, for the first time, all instruments.

In 2020 he published, in November the 20th, his fourth album: "Absolutely Indie".

A 14 songs album that embraces a lot of music genres, rock, punk, country, 60's, 80's.

In the song Dream of Me there is the collaboration of the American singer Christine Corless in a great duo .

All Marco's music is distributed by Cd Baby online all over the world

You can buy his his physical album in some of the best music stores in the USA, distributed by Cd Baby.


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